Premium Network

Brand advertisers want Brand publishers. Only quality websites make-up our premium network, giving you an optimal audience. Two Twelve International thoroughly analyzes each and every publisher / website before it is part of our premium network. We are the only advertising network providing the advertiser with the finest technology, network, and expert service.

Name Brand Advertisers Come to Us for Name Brand Publishers/Websites

We have delivered thousands of campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. Reaching millions of consumers monthly through our premium network, the biggest companies in the world have their goals and objectives completely satisfied with Two Twelve International.

Small Business – Big Results

Many small businesses have come to Two Twelve International. Majority have stayed. Smaller businesses that have smaller budgets find tremendous results with our ad network. We have had “small businesses” start with Two Twelve International and work their way into the Fortune 1000 list within months. No campaign is too big or too small for us.

Our Premium Network

  • Billions of impressions monthly
  • Reach 200 countries worldwide
  • Extensive reach through Europe and Asia
  • One of the largest reaches to North America and UK
  • Thousands of name brand publishers / websites
  • Fastest growing ad network in the industry

What our customers are saying:

“Two Twelve International does a great job promoting and branding our premiers. Everything gets done a quickly. We are very happy with the results we get every time."
- Warner Bros
"The value of Two Twelve International is tremendous. Tracking ROI through our advertising with you is second to none. Thank you for your exclusive service."
- Revlon
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