Our pre-campaign reports give the advertiser the most detailed information and campaign optimization than any other ad network.

With our targeting optimization you will have the most effective strategy to meet your objectives. At Two Twelve International we are continually monitoring and analyzing your performance data before your campaign even begins. We know what you should expect from your campaign and we provide you with all the information you need to achieve maximum results.

We have the revolutionary targeting technology to optimize your campaign. With our demographic data, content relevance, geographic capabilities, and online behavioral technology we have whatever it takes.

At Two Twelve International we can reach your target audience by any means possible. With our multiple optimization possibilities your target audience will be reached guaranteed. Our pre-campaign reports will provide how your goals will be reached.

What our customers are saying:

“Two Twelve International does a great job promoting and branding our premiers. Everything gets done a quickly. We are very happy with the results we get every time."
- Warner Bros
"The value of Two Twelve International is tremendous. Tracking ROI through our advertising with you is second to none. Thank you for your exclusive service."
- Revlon
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